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Region 9 North - 8/10/09 Racing Report

Racing Fans, 

We’re here in Logan for the debut of an exciting new racing site.  The scenery here is spectacular and the soaring features both thermal and ridge lift.  The club here has done a great job of preparing for the contest and we’ve had only a few of the usual glitches in getting started. 

Our biggest surprise was the number of pilots who either failed to show up or withdrew in the final days.  We went from a contest of 50 to a contest of 30.  This has proved to be a curse and a blessing.  The down side is the pressure it puts on the financial bottom line. The blessing is we have a shortage of tow planes. 

Speaking of tow planes, we started with three.  However today, one of the tugs suffered a prop strike setting off a frantic search for another tow plane.  Miraculously, through the efforts of all concerned, we found one.  Then, as I’m sitting here, we get a phone call from another of our tow planes who was out on a retrieve, that he had landed and now had no spark.  Stand by for the continuing adventures. 

The soaring today was quite tricky and required much changing of gears.  There were areas with strong lift and some with no lift.  Thermal averages were in the 4-6 kt. range and cloud bases were a little above 13,000ft MSL.   

Because of the large number of withdrawals we’re flying combined classes, with a 15 meter/Standard class and Open/18 meter class in addition to a large sports class.   

The task for all classes was a 3 hour TAT.  The sports class task was cut back to 2 ½ hours as their task did not open until 1600hrs.  Out of a total of 30, we had only 7 land outs. 

I’ll leave it up to you to review the results tonight as it’s late and we still have much work to do tonight. 

See you at the airport,

Charlie “Lite” Minner 

Competition Director

Posted: 8/10/2009


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