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Sports Class Nationals - Day 6, July 30, 2009

Day 6, July 30, 2009

Task: 2 hr TAT 1th: Elkland Brg #13 (R10) 2th: Prattsburg # 26 (R25) 3th: Van Etten # 10 ( R10) 4th: Caton #4 (R5)

Nom: 135.04 Min: 46.70 Max: 232.47

It’s a wrap. We have a new 2009 Sports Class Champion: John Seymour. As he mentioned at the award ceremony tonight, it was 50 years in the making. He was proud, happy and beaming. And there was a genuine feel good in the crowd because I honestly don’t think there was anyone who did not want him to be #1. He dedicated his win to his father who taught him to fly in these northern New York hills:  Ed Seymour (97 years young).

Day winners: 1th: Sarah Kelly (YES!) 2th: Sean Murphy 3th: Hank Nixon 4th: Bill Batesole (!!!!)

Overall winners: 1th: John Seymour 2th: Roy McMaster 3th: Sean Franke

 Club Class winners: 1th: Sean Franke (LS-3a) 2th: Phil Gaisford  (Discus cs) 3th: Andy McQuigg (LS-3). Congratulations Sean Franke; he will be representing the US at the 2010 Club Class World Championship in Slovakia.

It was a good day; maybe 30 minutes under-called but those who landed out certainly disagree with that.  Lots of cycling of the weather. We saw another amazing save, this time by Dave Welles (BP) flying the Harris Hill ridge on his way to the last turnpoint Caton. (The CD really liked the idea of a last steering turnpoint – my guess a left-over from the WGC in Luesse). The most difficult moment of this contest for the CD  was to hear one of his best friends call in a ‘no-finish’ on the last day. Sorry W3.

We did have one outlanding with minor damage but the pilot is ok.

Harris Hill once again showed itself to be a stellar organization; professional, crisp, and superior junior support. It shows we have been doing this for 75 years. For all those people who claim that Harris Hill is too small for a Nationals: suck it up. (CD’s word’s, not mine).

Thank you Harris Hill Juniors. We could not have done this without you. You have set a whole new standard for the many generations that will follow you. ( Donations can be made to the Harris Hill Junior Organization).

Thank you to weatherman Richard Kellerman (QV). Nobody analysis the weather data like you do. No matter how much good stuff you present at the pilots meeting; when the weatherman speaks, everybody listens.

Flawless operations. Thank you Ed Funk & Juniors.

No issues scoring. Thank you Dough Martin.

Thank you to Karen & Ron Ogden; you organized and ran a great contest.

Thank you to all the pilots for being at the top of your game and making it a safe contest.

Signing off.

Karin S.

p.s:  the CD has retired.


Posted: 7/30/2009


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