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Sports Class Nationals - Day 5, July 28 Evening Report

Day 5, July 28, 2009

Task: 3 hr TAT 1) Loone Lake #34  (30mls) 2) Harris Hill #1 (10mls)  3) Mansfield Brg # 15 (10) 4) Caton #4 (5mls)

Nom: 132.53 (Min: 45.53,Max: 230.71)

Finally a good soaring day! As Calvin predicted, it was a good sign when Kai Gersten showed up to fly in the back seat of the Harris Hill Duo Discus with Dave Welles (BP) They made a great team – no excuses and last home after they struggled on the ridge at Painted Post trying to get home.

We finally had good weather forecasted and the CD was eager to get them launched early and on their way. The sniffer left no doubt and up they went, launched quickly and the gate opened at 12.44pm. The sky looked good, and for the first time in weeks the temperature felt like summer. Only one relight – GH1 – twice and he was unable to hook-up.

It was a good day for most. Only a few landouts as almost everyone got home. Cloud bases up to 6000ft, some holes, but mostly honest. The longest actual distance of 162.08 mls was flown by Phil Gaisford which was a nice change from the pitiful shorts distances of earlier days.

Top three finishers: 1st; Sean Franke 2nd; Roy McMaster 3rd; Dough Jacobs

There really are two contest going on here: we are picking the Sports Class National Champ and decide on who will get on the US Club Class World Team. Only pilots competing in gliders that classify as club class gliders ( LS-3, LS-1f, Std.Libelle, SparrowHawk, ASW-19, Genesis, Discus A.) are accumulating points for US Team club class ranking. The large performance differences of the gliders are equalized with the use of a handicap factor. The ASW-14 flown by Bill Batesole in this contest does not qualify as a club class glider but falls within the category of Utility Primaries.
As of yesterday, the top 3 US ranked club class pilots are: 1) Sean Franke  2) Ron Ridenour  3) Phil Gaisford.  Today’s # 1 place win for Sean Franke certainly did help his ranking.


Posted: 7/29/2009


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