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Sports Class Nationals - Day 4, July 27, 2009 Evening Report


Day 4, July 27, 2009

Task: 2 hr TAT    1) Loon Lake (25m)     2) Grand Canyon  (25m) Finish N.

Nom: 131.75 (Min: 46.01, Max: 224.77)


Could it get any tougher?

The air looked better this morning then any of the previous days but it still felt wet. No surprise after last night’s major thunderstorm and massive rain. ( note: the CD slept through it …) In consideration of the lower performance gliders (i.e. the real club class gliders) the CD put large circles around the turnpoints. While waiting on the grid, the air started to dry and improve but the thermals stayed out of reach of Harris Hill. When the CD turned to Calvin (Uncle Hank’s grandson) and asked him to get him some good weather, Calvin quickly replied ‘ Would have been better if Kai was here’.  ( the iron-man CD that HW is pinch-hitting for).

The field was launched and gate opened at 13.55pm. Puffy clouds on course line. But it looked better than it actually was and it did not take long before the first relights. 12 in total and some came back for a second relight. The last ones to start at 15.50pm on their second relight were 44, 90, 5U & AK. The Four Musketeers soon turned into three when 90 ( Bob Fletcher) came back and landed at Harris Hill. Then the Three Musketeers turned into two when AK ( Andrzey Kobus) landed out and soon everyone at the field was rooting for the Two Musketeers. Their estimated finish time was around 18.00pm but in the end only Mr. Houdini 44 made it back:  no finish but miles to show for the effort.

Meanwhile it was countdown at the gate: how many are still out there struggling? Slowly the list got shorter with land outs being called in and finishers proudly – and exhausted -  announcing their return.  But close to 18.00pm, there was only one still out there; 1.  A large group gathered at the gate waiting. Then Roy reported his landout and the day was over. Ten (10) finishers. For those who did not make it around the course it certainly was not for lack of trying as they all made a huge effort.

Glad to see Sean Franke finishing  in third place today after he just announced at the pilots meeting that ‘ we don’t fly in this kind of weather on the west coast’.

Bob Salvo (RS) had a great flight in his Genesis and was cheered on while going through the gate.

Top three finishers( not at all official since my score sheet does not include Roy (1)); 1) John Seymour 2) Sean Murphy 3) Sean Franke.

Overheard: Question (Calvin): Why don’t you have your wings taped? Answer (7W): Because I have to earn my handicap.

Another devalued day, but a day nevertheless. And a valid National Soaring Contest!


Posted: 7/27/2009


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