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Sports Class Nationals - Day 3, July 25, 2009 Final Report

Contest Day 3, July 25, 2009

Task: 2 hr MAT, no mandatory turnpoints, Finish North

Another squeaker. Another day where we made something out of nothing.

The day started promising; finally we had some weather! The morning briefing was optimistic, but as soon as we left the meeting it was obvious that the weather gods had not paid attention to QV’s report. It still looked like it could kick if the temperature would go up, but that never happened and the air born fleet was struggling to stay aloft. After several more relights and advisors feedback more grim by the minute, the CD finally had to make the decision he really did not want to make: another MAT.

 2 hr MAT, no mandatory turnpoints, Finish N. (a.k.a. a Hail Mary).

As soon as the gate opened, the first guys were on their way. Starts were mixed with relights. It only was about 45 minutes before the first landouts were called in. Many landouts.  Looked like the late starters may have had an advantage. Some double relights. Bummer.

Unfortunately, the number 1 on the score sheet (1) landed out .  One pilot landed out in the emergency field before the gate even opened (US). He was hoping for the ‘ Steve Angels’  junior retrieve team again. At the end of task-time (2 hrs) there were only 4 pilots still flying. And here he was again: ‘Mr. Houdine-of- Soaring’, Andy Gough (44). The last man flying, wringing himself out of another tight spot. He was 10 miles out, and the air looked still. He somehow managed to final glide from the south to Harris Hill, calling in a rolling finish. 3 for 3. He won the day.

Top 3 winners: 1. Andy Gough 2. Frank Paynter 3. Tim Welles

Just some notes:

·         Dough Jacobs is starting every day with a one-hour US Team Mini-Racing Camp training session. Basics of competition soaring, but for anyone who knows him, it is not  basic at all. DJ is one of those people who combines eloquence with knowledge and makes competition soaring sound easy. His courses are priceless yet he does not charge for them. His 9 am session is well attended and if anyone would like to acknowledge his efforts, it might be best to donate to the US Team fund. Just a suggestion.

·         There are landings and then there are perfect landings: Sarah Kelly did two of the latter today. First on her relight and then on her finish landing again. Nice job. Show them how a flat-land-girl flies her way around the northern hills.

·         Big SeeYou party at Roy McMasters house today. We gathered inside while it rained steady outside. Thank you!

Can we get some real weather here? There is so much effort made by everyone: vacation time, driving across-country, family time, crew time, HH ground crew preparations, etc. etc. The weather we had so far is barely good enough to fly locally, let alone to go cross-country. Is it too much to ask for some honest weather and a good soaring day?

Posted: 7/25/2009


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