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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 1 Report

Day 1 Summary

We had a nice opening day today. Near 100F temps with some moisture gave us classical Nevada soaring with scattered cu early developing into a few areas of small thunder showers on course to be exploited. The Tahoe Zepher westerlies have been a bit stronger than normal, shifting the best lift a bit east of the more traditional routes.

A Turn area task with a single turnpoint to the south(Sweetwater) with a large radius (30 miles) gave pilots a wide range of options to explore the southern contest area without undue pressure. Most pilots flew beyond the turnpoint to some degree. HAL and MG came back faster than planned and were under-time. P9 and JJ timed it about right.

Fingers crossed, it looks like the weather is going to hold for a couple more days. The contest support team is a huge help.

Posted: 7/20/2009


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