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18 Meter Nationals - Final Day Afternoon Report

Everyone is out on course now and its getting late in the afternoon; we expect finishers to start coming back in about an hour. 

The weather forecast we have for today is just too good for a "banquet" task.  So the call is a 4 turn, 4 hour TAT, with turnpoints at Anderson, Kramer Ranch, Waterville, and Creston; crisscrossing the task area to the NW, SE, W, and NE.  With circles of 15, 15, 15, and 20 miles, the distance ranged from a minimum of 220, to a nominal of 344, and a maximum of 471 miles.

Weak cumulus starting popping before grid time and by the noon launch time the thermals were 3 knots and gaining strength.   The sniffer (your scribe) flew the last two turns to checkout the conditions and found lift in excess of 7 knots at times, with cloudbases above 7000 AGL.  And that was before the heat of the day.

With Tom Kelley (711) holding a 49 point lead over Bill Elliott (JS1), and Gary Ittner in third another 28 point behind Bill, it looks like we have a great soaring day for the final shootout.  In another couple hours we'll know who the 2009 18 Meter Champion is.


Posted: 7/9/2009


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