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18 Meter Nationals - Day 6 Afternoon Report

Today is cooler than yesterday.  By the 10 AM pilot's meeting it was already clear that cirrus was filling the sky.  With what was already a weak forecast with the predicted high temperature lower than yesterday's, the question was how much lower.    At 11:30 the temperature was 88 degrees;  at 1:30 the temperature was still 88 degrees.   With a predicted trigger temperature of 90 degrees, that was not a good sign.  But since we were gridded we sent the sniffer into the sky at 1:15 just to confirm what we already knew.  Sure enough he fell out after~20 minutes having never climbed above release and the day was cancelled. 

The forecast for tomorrow is for a better day, but windy.   

Tonight we have a BBQ dinner on the deck. 

Posted: 7/5/2009


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