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Region 9 - Parowan Super Regional Day Seven

Racing Fans, 

I cannot believe we’ve reached our last day for this year at Parowan already.  The weather for the most part has been good although the last two days have proved to be quite challenging.  We were faced again today with a 30% chance of thunderstorms in most of the task area presenting the task committee with the very difficult job of matching our previous successes.   

We wound up choosing a three hour TAT that would keep everyone fairly close to the Gliderport.  As we watched the weather blow up as launch time approached we realized we needed to change the task.  We switched to another TAT with similar objectives at a grid meeting.   Then minutes after the roll call the sniffer, John Good, reported sustainable conditions and we commenced the launch a little after noon. 

The second task proved no more successful than the first and we wound up with quite a few gliders landing back at Parowan without completing the task and a few land outs.  Although all the winners won their places fair and square I cannot help but feel that luck played too big a factor in the final results. 

The conditions out on course were similar to yesterdays with cloud base about 14,000ft. scattered thunderstorms, mild southwest winds, and lift in the 4-5kt. range.The storms seemed to favor the area of my control point circles. 

The trophy in Standard Class went to Mark Keene who led practically wire to wire.  It’s easy to see why Mark was a member of the U.S. Soaring team in Italy.  Second place went to Ralph Bergh, who won the day and would have made the race tighter but for one bad day.  Third place went to Aland Adams of the famous Adams soaring family who brought along his son and his sister Virginia, also a noted soaring pilot. 

In 15m. class, the weather really shook up the score card as Steve Koerner took advantage of the conditions and took the winner’s trophy by 15 points over second place finisher Dave Leonard.  John Seaborn dropped to third place as the weather took advantage of him. 

The 18m. winner was Bob Caldwell who rose to the top of a very small field and won by close to 1000 points thanks to his consistency.  Second place went to Clay Thomas, and third place to Angel Pala. Karl Striedieck came back from second today to take the overall win over Nick Kennedy by a mere 43 points.  Nick was really on his game and gave KS quite a run for his money this year in an ASW-20.  DUO, Alfonso Ossario took third place by the slim margin of 4 points over Robert Lindman after submitting his second flight log. 

I’m looking forward to Sports Class Nationals here next year but I am not looking forward to the sight of an empty Gliderport tomorrow morning.  I’ll next be reporting to you from Logan, Utah where Micki and I are inaugurating a new site with a Region Nine North contest in August. 

See you at the airport,

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 7/4/2009


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