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18 Meter Nationals - Day 5 Morning Report

We're taking a rest day today.   With the temperatures forecast to be hotter than yesterday, the density altitude was making the operation somewhat marginal.  Cooler temperature are forecast for the next week. 

Yesterday we had tremendous soaring conditions.  The morning forecast was for thermal tops above 10,000 ft, and out on course we actually had wisps of clouds on thermals that went to 14,000 ft with thermal strengths reported to be in excess of 10 knots.  Some pilots had no problems all day, while a few struggled near Lind when the cirrus weakened the conditions in that area.

 For the day, Tom Kelley (711) won with a speed of 89.79 mph over a distance of 342.8 miles.  Gary Ittner (P7) was second at 88.54 mph and Bill Elloitt (JS1) was third at 87.11 mph.   10 pilots turned in flights of over 80 mph, with another 10 over 70 mph.

Overall, 711 is in the lead, with JS1 in second, and P7 in third. 



Posted: 7/4/2009


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