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Region 9 - Parowan Super Regional Day Six

Racing Fans, 

After being rained out yesterday, and with more of the same predicted for today, it was a pleasant surprise to wake to up clear skies with a few small cu wispies floating around.  The forecast called for a cloudbase of only (!) 14,000ft and thermals in the 4kt. range with a 30 % chance of thunderstorms, especially over the mountains.  We were grateful, however, that we would have a decent soaring day. 

Out on course the forecast, with few exceptions, seemed to hold true.  One rain storm grounded 7 gliders at Beryl Junction airport while a few pilots found 12 kt. thermals to 16,000ft.  There were several areas of convergence that allowed climbs  to 3,000ft above the local cloudbase with a valley of lift between two air masses.That generated some really quick runs in that area. 

The task for the day for all classes was once again a TAT of 3 1/2hr. duration with a nominal distance of 275 miles this time around.  The minimum was 170 miles which proved to be a challenge for the lower performance gliders in Sports class.  The maximum was 422 miles which today was out of the question. 

Mark Keene once again won the standard class at 77.53MPH playing the various weather phenomena to his advantage and covered 278.2 miles.  This increased his lead over Walt Rogers to 188 points as Walt was only able to achieve a fourth place finish today.  Second for the day was Bob Epp who flew 269.4 miles at 75.4MPH.  Third for the day was Biff Huss. 

In the 15m.class, Dave Leonard moved into first place overall with a daily win at 80.97MPH over a 293 mile course.  Taking second place for the day and remaining second overall was John Seaborn who is now 38 points behind our leader.  Looks like tomorrow will be an exciting day in this class.  Third place went to GW, Steve Koerner, who moved into third place overall with a third place finish today. 

In 18m. class Bob Caldwell widened his lead with another win.  The rest of the class did not make it home. Unfortunately one of the gliders landing out off field did a ground loop and lost his tail. 

Sports class today went to Bob Faris who took the day in an LS-3 at 76.95MPH (actual 82.04MPH) and moves him into third place overall.  Second for the day went to Randy Acree in his Zuni AV-8 at 69.6MPH (actual 71.5MPH). Third place went to Karl Striedieck whose lead has now shrunk to 45 points over Nick Kennedy in XS. 

The evening was topped off by a fine dinner served by the Little Salt Lake Club, a local service group, and a presentation by Martin Tyner, a falconer and wildlife rescuer, complete with a live Harris hawk, a Prairie Falcon and a huge Golden Eagle.  Don’t you wish you were here?  You can have your chance next year as we are hosting the Sports Class Nationals here in Parowan. 

See you at the airport,

Charlie “Lite” Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 7/3/2009


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