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Region 9 - Region 9 Super Regionals - Day Four

Racing Fans, 

The weather forecast for today was similar to yesterday although with more moisture moving in and a greater chance of over development.  In an effort to beat the weather we moved grid time to 10:30AM and planned to launch the sniffers at 10:45am.  In we did indeed launch the sniffer at 10:45, 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, and 11:45.  I had switched grid class order to insure that the two classes that still did not have a contest in would have the best chance of completing a contest day.  18 meter was to launch first and the first two pilots were flying motor gliders.  At about noon I decided to launch them and have them motor around to try to find usable lift.  Sure enough, things started working and I started the launch at 12:20PM.  We are down to four tow planes but managed to launch 55 gliders in one hour and forty minutes thanks to a great crew of tow pilots and ground personnel.  All classes were able to get away before local showers and lightening moved in.

The task once again was a TAT, this time with a three hour minimum.  I put 18 meter and 15 meter together for a nominal 294.5 miles.  The sports class and Standard class were together for a similar but shorter TAT with a nominal of 222 miles as they were starting later in the day. 

In Sports class, XS, Nick Kennedy won the day and moved into second place overall behind KS who took second for the day and still maintains an overall lead of 187 points.  Third place for the day went to Alfonso Ossorio in a DUO. The winning speed was 72.23MPH. (Actual 80.4MPH) .

In 18 meter, Clay Thomas in a LAK 17AT, VH, moved into first place overall with a winning speed of 95.1 MPH!!!  That gives him a 102 point lead over Mike Parker, IC, who took third place today. Second for the day went to Bob Caldwell who is in third place overall another 40 points behind IC. 

The Standard class went once again to Ralph Berge (N7) who managed 84.7 mph in the weaker weather later in the day.  Second went to AA, Aland Adams at 84.57 MPH.  Third place went to Mark Keene, 7K, at 79.4 MPH.  Mark remains in second overall, 87 points behind N7. 

The fifteen meter win went to 21, Rick Culbertson at 94.35 MPH who got to fly in the best conditions of the day.  Cloudbase was 16,000 ft. with thermal averages in the 7kt. range.  Things seemed to weaken later in the day with areas of overdevelopment impeding swift progress.  John Seaborn remains on top of the class with a third place finish.  ZL, Dave Leonard moved into second place overall with a second place finish at 93.7MPH.  

There was a protest in Sports class for yesterday’s race as the last three to launch had no fair chance to climb up and get away.  The protest was upheld and the day’s results were negated.  I have just received another protest over the decision of the first protest. Boy, do I love this job.


The evening was topped of by a first rate fried chicken dinner prepared by the folks at the Parowan Café and oldies music provided by One Voice, a local group with great harmony.  The best part of the entertainment was Brenda Seaborn dancing with Patrick McLoughlin, and then Joan Feldman dancing.  Nothing like Hangar Dancing to oldies.

See you at the airport

Charlie “Lite” Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 7/1/2009


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