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World Class Championship - Day Nine Report

Monday, 29 June, was the ninth day of the event yet only the sixth complete racing day.  The weather was finally breaking open and promised to bring the great soaring that Moriarty pilots were used to.   The task called for Moriarty to Mountainair, up to Dilia, across to Gallisteo and back to Moriarty.  This time the clouds (CU) showed up and streets appeared. All PW-5 racers took to the course, but like other days we experienced one more landout. John Savage had to landout in an extremely remote valley close to Dahlia (not the turn point of Dilia).  Dahlia is a ghost town accessible by extremely poor roads about 50 miles northeast of Moriarty.  John and his retrieve team did experience the wonders of an incredibly beautiful sunset on their way back to the field though so all was not lost.

Today’s task was won by Francois Pin (FP) after flying 190 miles at an average speed of 57 mph. Patrick Tuckey (4K) took second at 53 mph for 189 miles. The contest standings remained the same with Bill Snead in first and Patrick Tuckey in second.

Posted: 6/29/2009


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