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World Class Championship - Day Seven Report

Saturday, 27 June, began much like Friday, except we knew the day was going to get rough later in the afternoon. The Contest Director decided the task would be short with an emphasis on speed.   The day started with a “practice” pancake breakfast put on by the members of the Albuquerque Soaring Club. We called it “practice” because in the excitement of racing the word did not get passed around, even though it was briefed at the start of the contest, and very few contestants showed up for the feast.  It was decided to postpone the “real” pancake breakfast until Sunday morning.  The PW-5s launched first followed by the 1-26s. 

The task was a Moriarty start with a run up north to Lamy Junction, over to Cedarville and back to Moriarty.  Even though the day proved to be a bust for the 1-26s, the sky fell apart on them, the PW-5s wee able to get a good race in with only one land out.  The day was won by Bill Snead (6W) in 50 mph for 169 miles. Tom McKnight (67) took second.

Posted: 6/27/2009


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