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The 1-26 Championships - Day Five Report

Friday, 26 June, started out as a difficult day to assign a task, lots of blue sky and squirrely winds on the ground coupled with the promise of over development.  Once again, the Contest Director was challenged with making fine tune adjustments up to launch time. He finally decided to call for a modified assigned task and proceeded to launch the force. The task called for the mandatory turn point of Estancia East and then out on route with a finish, hopefully, at Moriarty.

All 1-26s launched and we did experience a few relites early in the launch, but eventually everyone was able to start down track.  As the race progressed the sky to the east became very nasty, but the “force was off heading south and into some pretty blue areas that eventually was the cause of four land outs.  

Bob Quas, 440, was one of the unfortunate that had to landout. Bob was forced to land under some power lines and then cross a rock lined road as he ran out of airspace.  Lucky for him the rancher, Tommy Thompson, was home and he became a great source of help to the retrieve crew.  Of course Tommy’s flock of peacocks, and Fluffy the Turkey, were not so happy Bob dropped in to visit them.

Ron Swartz (480) won the day with a 147 mile trek at 44 mph.  Pete Vredenberg and Bulldog (483) came it second at 104 miles averaging 39 mph.

Posted: 6/26/2009


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