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Region 9 - Region 9 Super Regionals - Day Three

Racing Fans, 

The mood at the pilot’s meeting was somber after a moment of silence in honor of Mike Packard but we were determined to carry on the race in his honor despite his passing. 

Our wonderful run of weather seems to be sneaking away from us.  Although the prediction of soaring conditions was similar to yesterday and, out on course held true, the local conditions deteriorated suddenly after the launch of the 18 meter class.  We were never able to launch the 15 meter due to the absence of any lift close enough to the field to allow for a safe return if necessary. The 18 meter class was not able to get to the start cylinder so we lost that class as well. Out on course the pilots saw 6-7 kt. thermal averages with some 12 kt. thermals reported.  The top of the lift exceeded the 17,500 limit. 

The task for all classes was a 3 ½ hour TAT with a minimum of 125 miles, a nominal of 292 miles and a maximum of 465 miles.  All the circles had a radius of 30 miles, the maximum permitted. 

In Standard class the day went to WX, Walt Rogers, who flew a 320 mileTask at  89.75 MPH.  Walt found great conditions out on course and his speed was quite close to yesterday’s winner.  Ralph Bergh’s flight netted him second place for the day and he remains in first place overall with a 28 point lead over Mark Keene. 

In Sports Class, Karl Striedieck took another first place to build his lead to 267 points ahead of second place Bob Holliday who also took second place for the day. Third place went to JJ Sinclair in his trusty Genesis 2. 

The evening closed with a wonderful meal from Jeff’s Applewood Smoker (our favorite local) and a presentation on the World Championships in Rieti, Italy presented by Mark Keene. 

See you at the airport,

Charlie “Lite” Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 6/30/2009


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