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Region 9 - Region 9 Super Regionals - Day Two

Racing Fans, 

After a glorious day yesterday, the weather for today looked a little questionable with some mid level moisture moving in with a chance for over development.  Sure enough, as we got ready to grid, a small area of OD formed over our usual release area.  This resulted in the longest launch that I have ever witnessed.  The sniffer was finally able to climb out in our most distant release area and we decided to commence the launch a little late at 12:20 PM.  Small areas of OD continued to come and go throughout the launch and the task, forcing me to change start cylinders. Fortunately we have 4 start cylinders in the data base here.  In addition my sniffer was able to climb high enough to see there were good cu throughout the task area giving me confidence that we could complete the task. Indeed, as it turned out, we had no land outs.   

The task was a 3 ½ hour TAT for all classes with the southern most turnpoint at Jacobs Lake which is adjacent to the Grand Canyon.  Sports class flew a slightly shorter version of the same task, also getting a good view of the Canyon. 

The 15 meter winner was A8, John Seaborn who flew the task at 98.94 MPH with no water ballast good for 349 miles. Truly a great flight.  Not to be outdone, Mark Keene, 7K, in standard class took the day at 95.4MPH covering 355 miles.  18 meter class went to BC, Bob Caldwell, covered 349.9 miles at 90.24 MPH.  This is a great site when the weather is like this and we hope it continues.  Karl Striedieck won the sports class handily at 85.59 MPH. (95.28 MPH actual speed) in a Duo.  This site is spectacular when the weather in humming and we’re hoping for more of the same. 

On a sad note I’m sorry to report that Mike Packard, flying a Ventus 2CX with a motor, crashed fatally shortly after release from tow.  No details are available at this time.  We offer our condolences to Mike’s family. 

See you at the airport,

Charlie “Lite” Minner

Posted: 6/29/2009


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