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Region 9 - Parowan Super Regional Day One

Racing Fans

Well here we are again in Parowan , the scenery is as spectacular as ever and the weather on the practice day was equally spectacular. The cloudbases were near 18,000 feet and the thermal averages were near 6 kt.  Due to a glitch with scoring we were late in getting the scores posted. (Big surprise on the practice day)


When I talked to the weather man late last night he promised more of the same for today’s task.  As it turned out, the weather was even a little bit better!  The wining speeds in 18m. and 15m. exceeded 90 MPH.  Remember, this is a dry  contest !  The  wining speed in standard class was over 87MPH. Thermal averages were in the 6-7 kt. range  with some 15kt. thermals reported.


The task for the FIA classes was a 3 ½ hr turn area task with a minimum of 100 miles and a max of  424.8 miles. All the winners flew over 300 miles.  15 m. class went to Ted Wagner in a 29, 18 meter went to Mike Parker in a 26, and standard class went to Ralph Bergh in an LS-8.


Sports Class also flew a turn area task with a 3 hour minimum and a maximum distance of 390 miles and a minimum of 72.6 miles to accommodate the lower performance ships.


In sports we have everything from a sparrow hawk to duo discii.  We also have three of the 17 Zunis ever built.  The win today went to Howard Banks flying a 27 at 77.19MPH. (87.67MPH actual)


We have a total of 58 entries which has made things just a little crowded on this small airport.  This contest is the first ever of the new type of contest, the Super Regionals; which allow for a greater percentage of entries from outside the region. Consequently we have a lot of entries from the east coast and other far away places.  The regular Region 9 contest will be held in Logan, Utah in August.


See you at the airport

Charlie “Lite” Minner

Posted: 6/29/2009


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