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Open and Standard Class Nationals - Final Report

Morning After


The Standard and Open Class Nationals of 2009 are now history.  The winners are David Greenhill in the Standard Class and Garret Willat in the Open Class


The last two days saw quite good soaring conditions.  We were able to get the pilots to the east-side soaring area both days, Wednesday on a 3.5 hr Modified Assigned Task and Thursday a 3.5 hr Area Task.   Thursday saw the fastest speeds of the contest, with Ron Tabery posting 84.5 mph.  The daily Open Class winners in addition to Ron were Garret Willat 82.1 and Dale Kramer at 80.3 mph.  In Standard Class yesterday’s winners were, Chip Garner 1st at 81.6 mph, Gary Ittner 2nd  at 79.3 mph, and Peter Deane 3rd at 75.6 mph.


Thursday evening ended the contest with a “banquet” of ribs and beans, and presentation of lots of trophies.  Two classes together gives the opportunity for a wide range of trophies.  All had a good time.  After the banquet and subsequent conversations, some were reported to have gathered at the Log Cabin Tavern to continue the festivities.


This competition was a small, combined contest with 10 pilots in each Class, Standard and Open.  The contest was tightly organized and well run by Noelle and Rex Mayes of Williams Soaring.  They shut down their business for two weeks while they brought the entire staff and family (except the dogs) to Montague, plus 4 towplanes, 5 gliders, 5 campers, 4 computers, 2 golf carts, a 67 inch television, and a barbeque.  This has been a labor of love for Rex and Noelle.  They have tried to see that everyone had a good time: that Rex got some good soaring, and that they keep their financial losses to a tolerable level.  Now they have to get all that “stuff” home.

I am honored to have been the CD for this competition.  It's a first time for me as CD at a national contest.  The experience has been interesting and educational, and I have completely enjoyed working with the staff and the contest pilots. 



Posted: 6/29/2009


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