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The 1-26 Championships - Day Four Report

Thursday, 25 June, looked like it was going to be a real challenge as the Southwest Monsoon has appeared to have arrived, three weeks early.  Mitch Hudson scrambled, along with his task team, to try and come up with a challenging assignment.  All fifteen 1-26s reported to the grid and a very efficient launch took place.  It was apparent very early that conditions were not optimum. Even though the sniffer was able to take hold, the early launchers started falling out almost immediately.  After thirteen of the fifteen racers landed for relights, the grid took a vote and decide to call the task off for the day.  The CD made the call and the fourteenth racer landed, however way off in the distance one lonely 1-26 continued to circle…Ron Schwartz (480).  Even though the day turned out to be a bust, Ron chose to take advantage of the tow and he continued to bore holes in the sky over New Mexico, landing a couple of hours later.


Due to the cancelled task, Kevin Anderson decided to use the “down time” to conduct the annual 1-26 Membership Meeting.  (For more information on this meeting, look to the 1-26 Association website/newsletter in the near future.)


The evening was spent in fellowship at Tim and Mary Hawkins’ (Albuquerque Soaring Club members) hangar where a steak dinner was served along with beer form the local Rio Grande Micro Brewery.  Supplying the entertainment were the Sons of the Rio Grande, an authentic Western band that played a combination of old and new western melodies.  (“Sons” groupies, and 1-26, racers Pete and Judy Vredenberg were present in authentic western garb to add a little color to the event. When not flying, Pete and Judy are members of the Single Action Shooting Society where they are known as Tijeras Pete and Granny Get Your gun.)  Many of the contestants chose this time to “trip the light fantastic” and do a little dancing. The “Sons” were to play for two hours, but the group was having such a good time (both the racers and the band) that they played an extra half hour. 


During one of the breaks, the Contest Director gave the first place finisher, from the first day (yesterday, the 24th of June), Tom Barkow an award for his racing prowess.  The feedback from the contestants was excitement for the tasks ahead. Even though they lost the day due to weather, the forecast is for strong racing conditions to return. Only time will tell.

Posted: 6/25/2009


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