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World Class Championship - Day Four Report

Wednesday, the 24th of June, began very much like yesterday’s weather, beautiful and promising yet holding the possibility of over development and widespread thunderstorms.  The sky at launch time was overcast with a solid flow emerging from Texas.  Even with the “iffy” weather our intrepid warriors brought their racing steeds to the grid to go forth and do battle.


Due to the quickly changing weather, Mitch Hudson, Race Director, was forced to change the task three times prior to launch.  Launch took place starting at 12:20 MDT so as to get the “force” airborne prior to a fast moving gust front approaching the airfield.


The key to winning this task was to beat the gust front and be the first to "hit" the turnpoint southeast of Estancia.  Pat Tuckey was the only one to make the turnpoint before the front hit.  Bill Snead chose to wait out the "passage" and left the turn cylinder latter in the day and made it around the course at 59 mph.

 As started previously, Mitch changed the task to a “run” to the South (Estancia East) and then a dash back to the field.   All six PW-5s launched and three were able to complete the task (three planes landed out) with Patrick Tuckey (4K) winning the day (159.31 miles at 62.47 mph)).  Bill Snead (6W) came in second with Francois Pin (FP) taking the third spot.

Posted: 6/24/2009


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