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The 1-26 Championships - Day Three Report

Wednesday, the 24th of June, began very much like yesterday’s weather, beautiful and promising yet holding the possibility of over development and widespread thunderstorms.  The sky at launch time was overcast with a solid flow emerging from Texas.  Even with the “iffy” weather our intrepid warriors brought their racing steeds to the grid to go forth and do battle.


Due to the quickly changing weather, Mitch Hudson, Race Director, was forced to change the task three times and even once again after the grid was airborne.  Launch took place starting at 12:20 MDT so as to get the “force” airborne prior to a fast moving gust front approaching the airfield.


As started previously, Mitch changed the task to a “run” to the North and then a dash back to the field.   Fifteen 1-26s launched and eleven were able to complete the task (four planes landed out) with Tom Barkow (264) winning the day (62.7 miles at 39.9 mph).  The team of Baldwin and Bloomquist (144) came in second with Ron Swartz (480) taking the third spot.


One of the notable land outs involved Kevin Anderson (192), 1-26 Association President. Kevin was able to put his plane down on the “strip” at Galisteo Lake. The only way to get out of there is to go through the locked gate to the huge western movie set/ranch south of the lake.  This movie ranch is famous for the films “Siverado” and “3:10 to Yuma”.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your financial involvement) there was no filming going on at the time or we would have great movie moment as the big main street gun fight is unfolding when this 1-26 comes screaming in at fifty feet to take the day.

Posted: 6/24/2009


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