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Open and Standard Class Nationals - Day 6 Evening Report


June 22, 2009, was day 6 for the Standard Class and Open Class nationals.  After a rest day on Sunday, which bloomed with cumulus clouds most of the day in spite of a high temperature of only 66, Monday was warmer, 80 degrees, and blue.  The forecast for today was for excellent blue-soaring conditions.  It didn’t happen.  Soaring was just barely possible, and the task was overcalled.


Assigned distance tasks were given to Standard Class, 229 miles, and Open Class, 243 miles.  Both tasks included legs that crossed the Shasta valley to the east side of the soaring area.  At 65 to 70 mph those distances seemed reasonable.  However, the speeds were nowhere close to 65 to 70 mph. 

 The Open Class winning speed was 45.77 mph, by Dick Butler in his extra long wing ASW-22B.  Second was Garret Willat, Nimbus 3, at 45.13 mph.  Third was Ron Tabery, ASW-22BLE at 42.13 mph.   These were the only finishers in Open Class.  Anytime an Open Class glider driven by pilots, all world team veterans, at speeds in the mid 40’s, you can bet that most of the flight was spent avoiding a landing.


In Standard Class, the only finishers were David Greenhill at 39.38 mph and Peter Deane at 41.35 mph, an excellent effort put together by two outstanding pilots.


Montague can humble competition directors as well as be rather hard on pilots.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  Task times will definitely be shorter

Posted: 6/23/2009


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