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World Class Championship - Day one Report

Today, Sunday the 21st of June (Father’s Day), the first practice day for the World Championships opened with the promise of dynamite soaring. After a week of rain, high winds, and wild over-development, the start of the (PW-5) contest looked doubtful.  That was before the Contest Director, Lt. Mitch Hudson of the United States Air Force, showed up and demanded the weather to improve.  And like a good Airman, an order is an order, the weather did improve.  As the day unfolded, the PW-5s and their brothers, the 1-26ers, descended on Moriarty Airport (40 miles east of Albuquerque) and the Land of Enchantment.  As hinted to before, the local pilots have been seeing a lot of the Land of Enchantment as it moved along the ground on its way to west Texas.

But back to the narrative, on this Father’s Day we were deep into the preparation for the 2009 version of the 1-26 and World Championships Soaring Contest as the contestants and their crews poured into the Moriarty Airport.  This high desert, 6,200 feet, oasis of soaring activity was being readied to accept the challenge of seven special design aircraft as Mitch has plans to test their aviation abilities to the max.  To that end it was deemed today to be the first practice day for the PW-5s.  Partnering with the Albuquerque Soaring Club, to produce this contest, is Rick Kohler of Sundance Aviation.  Sundance and the ASC made the tow planes available early in the day and several contest pilots took to the air to get a feel for the lay of the land.

Mixed in with the PW-5s was the early 1-26 arrivals.   Even though it wasn’t an official practice day for the 1-26ers, having them in the air, as a sort of partner to the PW-5s, was a god send as several of them had flown here before and had a feel for our location.   Following the practice flights, you could hear comments up and down the ramp about how this short aerial exposure was a harbinger of great flights to come. Of course, we will have to wait to see if the aviation gods fulfill this promise of long and fast tasks.  

Competing in the 2009 World Championships are:

Patrick Tuckey, William Thar, Bill Snead, Tom McKnight, Francois Pin, plus the team of James Rider and John Barr.

Posted: 6/21/2009


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