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Open and Standard Class Nationals - Day 3 Evening Report

Thursday June 18 was the 3rd day of the Standard and Open nationals and the 4th day of the Region 11 Sport Class contest.  Montague treated us to another variation of its weather pattern.  Mild temperature, high of 85, mostly blue skies, moderate winds aloft to about 15 kt from the Northwest.  No convective activity in the valleys, and the regular ridge thermals working irregularly to 9-10,000 ft.


The task was set to the west side of the contest area, with a 3 hr Modified Assigned Task of Callahan, Restaurant, China for Open Class, Callahan, R-Ranch, China for Standard Class, and Callahan, R-Ranch, 2 hr for Sport Class.


Two Open Class pilots were launched at about 12:30.  They found reasonable 2 kt lift, and the rest of the fleet was launched 10 minutes later.  The Sport Class task was last to open at 13:43.  The task was not easy.  There were a total of 6 landouts out of 27 starters, 2 in Open Class, 3 in Standard Class, and 1 in Sport Class.  All of the landouts were early in the day, either getting to or out of Callahan.  The CD may need body guards if he continues to call Callahan, however he doesn’t have a lot of good options at the south end of the Scott valley.


As expected speeds were moderate.  It was the kind of weather that gives an advantage to open class gliders, although an 18 meter glider had the fastest speed.  Rick Walters won open class at 63.4 mph in an ASG-29, followed by Garret Willat at 63.2 mph in a Nimbus 3.  Ron Tabery was third at 60.8 mph in an ASW-22.  Rick was reported to have used a little wave.


The fastest Standard Speed was Gary Ittner at 57.7, followed by David Greenhill at 57.2, and Craig Reinholt at 55.4, all flying Discus 2.


Sport Class was won by Martin Grant, ASW 17, handicapped speed 47.2 (actual speed 55.4), second; John Sinclair ,Genesis II, 44.7 (actual 47.3), third; Richard Pfiffner, Ventus, 41.1 (actual speed 46.4).  Martin Grant is having a good race in his ASW-17.  The heavy handicap on Open Class gliders generally puts them at a disadvantage except is weak conditions.  Friday’s weather may be even weaker than Martin is hoping for.  The weather prediction is for a cooling trend with 5 PM temperature predicted to be 74 degrees, ten degrees cooler than yesterday.


by CD

Posted: 6/19/2009


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