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Region 6 South - Day 3 Evening Report (Contest Day 2)

Tuesday's task for Sports was a 2:00 MAT,  and FAI got a 129-mile (nominal) 2:30 TAT CCSC, Madison County, Highland County (both 20 mile circles) and back to CCSC.   The threatened thunderstorms and generalized cumulus "blow-up" did not occur, but Minimum Time finishes were the order of the day, due more to a big dark "Valley of Death" build-up centered on Highland that prevented maximum use of the large turn area, than a likelihood of T-storms. Three out of seven finishers were under-time in Standard Class; every one in 18-Meter, 15-Meter, and Sports. Marian Wajda won Sports, Mike Smith took Standard honors, Gregg Leslie repeated his 15-Meter Day ONE win, and John Lubon edged into first place in 18-Meter. (Scores are preliminary.)



Posted: 6/9/2009


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