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Region 6 South - Day 1 Evening Report (Contest Day 1)

Things looked to be getting off to a good start as the launch was taking place for our 31 birds in the contest under what were promising to be thermal producing sky's.  But as the start gate opening times can upon the fleet a band of sneaky thermal stealing high cirrus clouds came in from the West and made for some "challenging" conditions.

 For those that opted to waste no time and not go deap into the turn cylinders, they had a chance and four pilots did just that completing the tasks handed out, 2 in Sports and 2 in 18 Meter.

As is sits now during sunset, we have people coming in from both diner and retrieve, the smarter of the bunch combining the opportunity of grunt and grub (packing your trailer and finding some food) being better off for the wear as of this first day of the contest.

 We are also finding out with some interest how the newer MAT tasks work when you have a mandatory last turn point for your flight and not the previous standard of a first mandatory point.  We will be  retiring while lounging through our freshly minted copies of the SSA Rules.

Andrew Dignan - Scorer

"When the fun has gone overboard...usually so have you."

Posted: 6/7/2009


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