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Region 2 - Contest wrap up

Hi race fans

We have finished up another successful contest here at Mifflin. As we send this Region 2 championship into the history books, I must stop and reflect on all that has happened over the week. First though I will report on contest day 4.

We met at 9:30 for our final pilot’s meeting and all were still smiling from the previous days ridge run. I lean over to talk to CD Kai and tell him that this meeting will take a little longer with all the last day thank you remarks that I want to make to all involved. When I do he say’s "well don’t take too long Brian, we have to get moving" He was not kidding. QV goes next and says 2 words about the weather "cracking good". I knew what was going to happen next. As usually happens on the last day of any race, we have the best weather to soar in yet, and unlike some CD’s who choose to shorten the last day in favor of that evenings travel plans, Kai was having none of this. He sends out all classes on long Modified assigned tasks, Sports 3 1\2 hours, the rest all a manly 4 hour tasks!! This turned out to be exactly the right call for today, as we had only 1 land out that I am aware of, and lots of smiles at the end of the day. QV did predict that the winds would turn off the ridge late in the day, and I overheard a few guys admitting that they tried them late, and almost ended up coming home in their trailers. Thank you Richard for the weather reports, as always done up with a healthy dose of "English humor" .

The day winners were, in the 18 M class, SM John Seymour, also our 18 M champion. In 15 M, for the second day in a row, T8 Evan Ludeman. Evan can sure drive that ASW 20 B well. And in Sports class we had day 4 and overall winner, KS, Karl Striedieck. The only overall class champion not to win the final day, was PG, Phil Gaisford flying in the combined standard and 15 meter class. Phil finished a very respectable third for the day in securing his place at the top of the awards platform. After an awards ceremony in the meeting hanger, the long process of saying good bye, collecting hugs and handshakes was in full force. A short while later, the field was like a deserted B-25 bomber base in the middle of Texas, as most lit out on the trip home.

Thus ends another very nice contest, attended by some of the top pilots I know. Overall we flew 4 out of 7 days, had a nice variety of tasks and conditions, and did so without a scratch on any ship. I am always saddened when the contest ends and the field becomes devoid of people and trailers, but all good things must come to an end. As we cleaned up this morning (Sunday) I looked into the sky and said, my what a day. As I sit in my office writing the sky is full of cu, and the windsock is pointing directly at the ridge. We can all dream of the next good day and good contest!

As I end this final report, I must say some thank you’s to many people. I missed a very important person in yesterday’s pilot’s meeting, Jackie Dougherty. Jackie has worked every contest here that I have ever helped with. She is professional, kind, and does any little job that is asked of her. No amount of thanks can tell her how badly I felt after I missed this yesterday.

Thanks for a job well done also go out to, in no particular order, Ops director, Steve Glick, who actually ran ropes this year. His son Austin, and daughter Nikki, who also ran ropes. Fred Winter, our very willing gopher and Ops assistant. Haven Goulding, a newby this year. Thank you Haven. Paul Weeden who has also worked every Mifflin meet I have been at. Thank you as well to Harry Leach, our concessions guy. Harry has most willingly spoiled Harris, the dog, rotten with hand outs. Guest rope runner for the last day, contest pilot Jae Walker. Jae flew in to visit with us and helped out on the line. Thank you Jae! Thanks also to towpilot’s Butch Thompson and Bob Bower. No race goes anywhere without a good "assist" in getting off the ground.

Our CD this year, Kai Gertson, a job well done Kai. Our scorer, Leo Buckley and his wife Patricia. Her southern charm and support of glider activities far and wide can get her a hearty Thank you at most any sight.

Last, I must tell you of the 3 people that do the most for this contest. KS who asks for nothing in return for all he does in this sport. His only comment to me every year is, how can we improve and what can we do next year that we have not tried yet? His wife Iris, she is the planner here. She does all the behind the scenes paperwork and BS that no one would volunteer for. She organizes all the social events and allows all us guys to go out and worry about nothing but flying. Lots of the wives help in many ways, and if I attempted to name them all, I would muck it up. You know who you are, many thanks.


The last person I have is John Good. Contest pilot, scorer, rules interpreter, ridge briefer, CD, juggler, and in a twist of the old saying, a jack-of-all trades but still a MASTER of many. John’s contributions to soaring in general and this sight in particular can never all be told. He quietly does anything asked of him, and usually has most of it done before you ask him. Thank you John.

Next year we have a Region 2 meet again! Until we race again, fly safe everyone and have fun.

Brian Glick



Posted: 5/31/2009


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