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Region 2 - Day 3 Report

Hi race fans,

As I reported this morning, today took a while to clear and give us some weather we could finally soar in. Not all was trouble free, as we met and set a grid time for 12:30. After not seeing any signs of clearing, CD Gertson pushed this back to 1:00. Just as people were thinking of gridding, and after the front had passed, the national weather service issued a thunderstorm warning for our area. We stood outside and looked at the sky in amazement thinking, these guys must be nuts. This did, however, result in another push back of grid time until 2:00. Soon after 1, it was clear that this warning was not an issue as a few pilot’s were headed to the grid. The warning was soon cancelled and the grid movement rush was now more obvious.

Just before grid time the CD sent 2 sniffers up to see how the ridge was. This resulted in some more teeth knashing, as the ridge was working, but it was still not clear enough to go anywhere in it. With all of this in mind the CD decided to scrub our original mission of a TAT and instead go to a MAT with a reduced 2 hour minimum time. With the late clearing and start this was really the only choice we had. The launch started at 2:35 with all gliders going to ridge height only. This had the effect of speeding up the tows by about 15-20 minutes and all were off and running by about 3:30.

Most everyone knew that this would be a ridge run in it’s truest form, as the cloud bases were not very high, and what thermals did work, did not do so for long, as the cloud cover cycled in and out several times while all were out on task. Today the masters of the ridge were, in 18M, GJ Brian Milner, 15M\Standards, T8 Evan Ludeman and in Sports, K21 Hank Nixon. Most everyone stayed on this little "milk run" and used their best planning to maximize their turnpoint selection and timing. The sports class winner also factored in his favorable handicap in the planning sequence.

From the ground this was a race day fun to watch, as many chose to use the home airport as 1 turn, and had to get off the ridge, out in the valley, into the teeth of the headwind to get the turn. We watched steady streams of guys do this, some arriving back at the ridge low and wondering if they may have to use a very muddy field instead of the homedrome. All went off without a hitch. The 18M winning speed was quite impressive, as GJ outdid even the fastest unhandicapped speeds I saw in sports class. Good job Brian!

After flying was over, all enjoyed the annual Mifflin fish fry. The fish and all the trimmings were just as excellent as we have become accustomed to. Many thanks to Joanie, Iris, and my father, Gene Glick, for this wonderful meal. After dinner we had a tree planting and slide show in celebration of the life of Charlie Spratt. The tree was done first, and along with it, Charlie’s ashes were put down and are now a permanent fixture of this sight. We all loved Charlie very much, and miss him dearly. We only hope the little we have done to honor him, can properly salute all he has done over the last 35 years for this sport and the people in it. After the tree planting we watched a very nice slide show of pictures of his life, then a recording of the service that was done in Cordele. It was a long show, but well worth it. Many memories appeared in that show for all of us.

Tomorrow looks as if we should have a reasonably good day of flying to finish us up. We are all hoping that is the case.

In honor of Charlie, I end today by saying:


Brian Glick, CM

Posted: 5/29/2009


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