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Region 2 - Post Rain Report

Hi all

After 3 days of drought relief for the local farmers, we seem to be emerging into some semblance of normal flying weather. This morning we awoke to overcast, warm and much too humid conditions, but it is clearing.

At the morning meeting, QV informed us that by 2 PM it should all be past, giving us dryer air, but more importantly for Mifflin, winds from 300 at 10 to 20 all day and into the night. This will give us the chance to go on the much coveted ridge mission and if all works out, wipe the long rain day looks off the pilot's faces.

Everything has to go just right though, as the ground is very wet, and the towplane runway is iffy at best. Any field used for out landing today could result in a hose to remove excessive mud later. Still better than the last 3 days.

Check back tonight to see how this all turns out!

Brian Glick, CM



Posted: 5/29/2009


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