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Region 2 - Day 2, afternoon update

Hi race fans

Well, as expected, we are now sitting in the rain wishing we were up there flying. That is pretty much how I thought today would go, and barring any major weather movement, tomorrow does not look great either.

I need to report on some happenings at this morning’s pilot’s meeting. As all of you who watch the score sheet may have noticed, the winner that was announced from Sunday’s 15M\Standard combined class has changed. This resulted in the fact that the safety finish was declared due to a thunderstorm and driving rain on the field. When PG turned in his trace, he was improperly scored as a landout. All of us in contest soaring try to get all the details absolutely as good as we can, none more so than our scorer, Leo Buckley. Leo came to the meeting and stood up and fessed up to what had happened. Nothing more than an honest miscue, that quite frankly could be easily missed. No one realises what a beating a scorer can take until you have spent large amounts of time sitting in the office late at night and early in the morning listening to all the little things that go into this job. I assure you that Leo spends far more time in that office going over and over the details than his darling wife would like. Pat, you are a princess in true form!

As a result of this, the actual winner on Day 1 was PG.

After the pilot’s meeting, the typical rainday activities were going on. CD Kai Gertson was giving a talk on off field landings. This talk was very interesting, informative, and Kai has many such landings under his belt with which to draw from. I must admit, those had to have been many years ago, as all the contests I see him entered in, his trailer rarely leaves the field, until it is time to go home.

Our weatherman, Richard Kellerman was also holding an informal pilot’s review of Clearnav. This seemed to be a basic "what can we do better" meeting. All around the table seemed to think this is a very good piece of equipment, but Richard strives to do better. He also seems to have developed a few more grey hairs since undertaking this massive development project. To all who use this, and those considering it, Richard is easy to talk to and readily accessible for comments and suggestions. I have rarely seen him undertake anything that he can not do, and do well.

That seems to be all for today, as not much will happen till we fly again. If you check back tomorrow and see no report posted, you can correctly assume the day has been cancelled. If something breaks our way I will report it as soon as I have the facts.


Brian Glick, co-manager

Posted: 5/26/2009


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