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Region 2 - Day 2 Report

Hi race fans


This morning started out much differently than yesterday did. Gone were the unusually high dew points and sticky conditions we had on Sunday. At the pilot’s meeting we tried to cover everything quickly, but sometimes the best laid plans can go sour, and today’s meeting was a little long. The forecast was given by QV, and it is not a booming forecast, but sounds soarable, and the major difference from yesterday seems to be no threat from late day blow-ups.


At precisely Noon, we begin launching the fleet and in exactly 58 minutes I hook up to my last glider, a marked improvement for our normally very steady operation. The sky we find ourselves in is bright, but when you get up in it, the cu are slow to form, and widely separated. This seems to be the take on the whole day. The start gate for the classes is held for a while to let it cook. Finally it does, the gate opens, but not many starts can be heard. It is very clear this is a day that everyone sees differently, and the time honored glider tradition of “start gate roulette” begins.


The task for all 3 classes is a TAT to White Pine, Strip Mine and home. The FAI boys are on 3 hour minimums, with Sports at 2 1\2 hours. The 15 M class has PG first for the day, as he managed to get up on the northern plateau and make it work, when many could not. KS also did this in winning sports class. Then comes 18 M. You know what they say sometimes about the the fast turning into fodder, that is what happened to SM today. After smoking the second place finisher yesterday by 18, SM himself got smoked today by W3 who wins the day at 60 MPH. This is a very good speed for this rather soft day. All who returned last evening admitted that it was good to get a day in, but none admitted it was a very relaxing  task to fly.


We all settled in and went to an evening social, enjoying chicken, pork, rum salad and all the trimmings. I am not sure that kings live this well, but we are all having fun and care not to find out. As I sit at my office window looking out, that fun may be about to end. Dreary weather has over run us. Stay tuned, we will see what Kellerman has to say, but this day and tomorrow do not look promising. More on that later.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/26/2009


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