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Region 11 South - Day 5 Report

We had a great day of racing today! The lift was strong and started early and no one had a problem getting up to start altitude.   We had four guests flying today including myself. 

The task was a TAT Rgs delight 1mi radius, Goldmines 5mi radius,Black Butte 25mi radius, Goat 5mi rakius, and Ader Springs 15 mi radius. Only one landout today with cu,s marking the way to every turnpoint. David Greenhill continued his winning streak and won the day and the contest with a handicapped dis of 201mi and 58.56mph, Ginny Farnsworth came back from a last place yesterday to a second palce finish with a dis of 181mi and a speed of53.42mph. 

Posted: 5/25/2009


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