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Region 11 South - Day 2 Report

We had a tough day yesterday at least until you made it to the covergence line Just east of goat Mt. The lift was slow to start ,wide spread and not very high around Crazy Creek. And to top it all off if you waited to long to start the sea breeze came through and shot you down. Thats what happened to almost half the contestants.

Once you made it to the convergence line the lift was 8kts to 10kts up to 12,000ft.  Bill Gawthrop F8 won the day with an actual speed of 69.87mph. David Geenhill 16 Made it to the good lift but landed 10mi short on final glide, we don,t have his gps flight downloaded yet.

 More to come when I get it


Posted: 5/17/2009


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