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15M Nationals - 15M Nationals Club Class Regionals

May 14, 2009

Cordele 15m Nationals and Regional Club Class


Today was a lot like flying on three different days.    Weak lift was reported by our Sniffer, Ray Galloway, and the 15m task was shortened with a bigger circle turn area assigned to the second turnpoint.     It was a struggle for most to achieve 3300ft msl  and the start was delayed until the advisors reported 3700 ft. The weak conditions around the start were reminiscent of yesterday's conditions and many pilots dumped their water ballast while on tow or shortly after  to stay aloft.


Luckily, the first turnpoint took us to the Southwest of Cordele where the airmass was cooking with large cumulus clouds that allowed cloudstreet  flying without circling.  Those who managed to hang onto their water ballast really benefitted on this leg.   However, rain shafts started to appear here and there and the area became problematic  for  many. 


The score sheet  shows  some shaking up, with two favorites, Karl Striedieck  coming back from a first day landout to take a first  place for the day in 15m,  while in the Club Class  Soaring's own darling Sarah Kelly takes first for the day also coming back from a previous days  landout . 


Local favorite Wally Berry opens both fists wide and loses his grip on the  first place  overall standing in Club class with a landout.  However his lead was strong enough that he remains in second place overall and still with the potential to win first place back.


Today's after flying social was sponsored by the Polish Pilots Association and we were served authentic Polish foods and Vodka.   Nastrovia and Djien kuyia !!  (sp?).


Unfortunately, the local  tv weatherman is gleefully talking about rain potential through the weekend.





Posted: 5/14/2009


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