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15M Nationals - Day 1 15M Nationals/ Day 2 Club Class



Today the weather pessimists won, no racing today.   Early a.m. rain sprinkles finally gave way to just totally cloudy skies and the clouds remained for most of the day.  Some  partial  clearing  later in the day  allowed some convection and a  few flights to test instruments and such. 

We gridded both classes despite the dismal chances of a flying  day as predicted by weatherman Ray Galloway.    It was amazing to see guys dumping 40 to 50 gallon water ballast loads on the grid when the day was finally officially called off... and I guess they were in the optimist's corner and ready for anything.   Others were on the grid taped and ready to go, but with no ballast loaded...... and still others weren't even taped. 

Tomorrow promises much better weather and it's a sure thing everybody will be taped, locked and loaded.





Posted: 5/12/2009


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