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15M Nationals - Practice Day 2 Report

15m Nationals/First EVER Club Class Regionals

"Hello Race Fans", *

Our 15m Nationals and the first EVER Club Class competition is under way in Cordele, GA.

The weather here has been subject to a stationary front draped across the region and it has been a little unsettled for the past few days.   After  yesterday's  flying we could see a large system passing to our North as we were entering the banquet hall for the dinner sponsored by the Colonial Inn/official contest lodging.   Sure enough, we later got reports of the Interstate-75  being shut down due to trees across and on the expressway where evidently a tornado had passed through......   All this after a good day of soaring just to the South.  

Today was the first official contest day for the Club Class boys (and girl), and official practice day number two for the 15m boys.  The weather cooperated nicely,  proving the morning optimists right (this time).

Both classes were sent to the same first turn point of Tifton ,  straight down South on I-75 about 37 miles.   After that, the MAT for the 15 meters allowed them to run wherever,   and a few elected to just fly the Club Class Task.   What a great way to (artificially) boost the old soaring ego to follow those lightly loaded older airfoils while flying a heavily ballasted state of the art glider!    The second leg into the wind was especially brutal on them and you could just see them working their little airfoils off  to penetrate upwind,  while going down,  down , down  all the way.   Three gliders bit the South Georgia dirt on this leg,   Joe Flores in his Open Cirrus and Sarah Kelly in her borrowed ASW-15....  (Borrowed from Phil LaBerge who had given her strict instructions NOT to land it out.....The kiss of death, Phil.)

For those making the second turn point, the key was to fly Northward to the better developed Cumulus, and those who elected to run more Easterly straight for the third turn point  didn't fare as well. 

On top  of the Clubbie results was Wally Berry in his Libelle.   Wally has been flying the Cordele region for many years and knows his Libelle well.   Following on his heels is a herd of Polish Pilots, and if you look at the results page you'll see what I mean.     These guys are a tightly-knit group and are sponsoring a Polish foods after flying party for us.   Maybe they're hoping Wally can't digest Kapusta.

Stay tuned, more to come.


*In memory of Charlie Spratt

Posted: 5/11/2009


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