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Region 12 - Day 3 evening report

All pilots are down safe, a few even at home.

We had 2 aeroretrieves from Hemet airport, 1 from Banning airport, 2 motor gliders restarted at Hemet, and 3 in feilds. That totals 8, but we launched 10. There were 2 that proved that the task was completable, rule says to provide a challenge. We can check that one off the list. 

One of the problems there was wave at the start, or atleast before the start. When I asked how people were doing, they reported strong lift and above 9000ft. I feared that we might have undercalled the task, glad we didnt add more turnpoints. Looking at the traces most flights glided towards Hemet, with 4 staying there. One was able to make it beyond Hemet and towards Banning, being rewarded by more miles. 4 pilots headed south just after the turn, 2 made it all the way home, and 2 in fields. As we were leaving dinner, Micheal arrived. He was very happy and said he greatly enjoyed the task. 

 I will send another score sheet up later tonight with Micheal's flight when he comes to put a dent in our Beer supply.

Posted: 4/30/2009


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