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Region 5 North - Wrap Up

Well, last round and the lights are coming back on. Region 5N @ Perry, SC. were different this year. Not with new types of racing gliders or pilots, but everything worked and flowed along really smooth. From the morning pilots meetings, griding and launches, relights and landings, to the evening dinner's, everyone I saw was pretty kicked back and had extra time on their hands.

Some note worthy items that were left out of the daily reports were LX, an AS sailplane dealer who was the mentor for, yep , Leo and his JS 1. When I asked the LS dealer and SH dealer how they felt about this mentor and the mentee thing, well, they just both grinned. I did get my new shirt from Leo, the JS 1 dealer, never got a thing from this AS guy.

We did have 2 gliders that got broken. One was from a land out and the tail boom was broken from a ground loop. The pilot was OK. The other was on the last day landing at Perry. It had server damage and the pilot I believe is OK.

Our Standard Class winner, Ken Sorenson, was asked what his game plan was on the second day. He told me he just tried and wanted to do his best each and everyday. He and his wife got up around 6 am every morning and by 8 am the glider was watered and being pulled out to their grid spot. This left Ken unhurried and time to relax and look at the day's weather, and then make plans according. We did meet several times out in the task area and KM does fly very aggressively.

Fernando Silva put together a well deserved win in 15 Meter. He also watered early and gridded early, he seemed not rushed and well organized. Fernando always has a warm smile when greeting folks each and everyday. Early in the contest he did have some problems with his tow release but several folks helped him fix the problem. He did speak during the pilots meeting on the cable release and everyone should to give though to having a game plan together when on early tow theirs a premature release with a full load of water on board. Might be a good idea to review your plan of action each and every time before you launch as to what you will do it the release fails.

Sam Gilter, 5U, and I didn't talk during the contest period in Perry. Sam and his LS1 are a hard combination to beat as all of us have seen over the past few years. Sam was an advisor for the sports class during the contest.

In 18 Meter, XG, Jerry Szemplinski, and I spoke several days. He said he had never seen so many air mass changes as he had seen in Perry this year. He tends to put together very long glides using all available energy he can find along his route. Of course, if one can do this kinda thing it does make soaring rather kicked back and highly enjoyable. If you have See You, you can run DJ's and XG's igc file on day 5. I did this and saw maybe 2 thermals that really were strong that gave Jerry a big climb and helped him stay in cruise mode that much longer than the rest of us.

Sunday, Allison Tyler, was getting out 8H, for another day of soaring as the weather was looking really good with cue's popping before 10 am. Maybe 90 percent of the folks had already left and had headed towards home. The cook house was receiving its cleaning, the tents were being taken down and the garbage truck was driving around looking for something to do.

See, all the racers and crew, like they do everywhere they go, had left Perry in the state it was in before they came. A clean, quite grass airport which will be enjoyed by a few over the next year waiting on every one's return. I did ask Allison Tyler what his game plan was during the contest. He said it was for "everyone who came to Perry to have a good time, good food, good fun and some of the best soaring flights of their life." With that. I'll turn on the light's and say the party's just over for now, as next year will be number 10........ that quite, clean grass airport is waiting for our return......you best come.......ya hear.

Thermal tight, Soar high, Fly safe.......#711 reporting

Posted: 4/28/2009


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