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Region 12 - Day 2 Report

We should have the score sheet fixed soon, the overall is: 5S, P7, 8N, HA, GW, BK, KR, 4W, OK, 7D. 

Today started out with an optimistic forecast for wave. The strengh was ok, the direction good, but winds aloft dying. The forecast showed the possibility of taking advantage of the "econo wave" which means easy tows to Palomar mountain and a little push upwind into a light wave, then drift south to the Julian VOR, climb high and run south towards the Mexican boarder. Then back up north towards San Jacinto and return for 2.5hours. We used an 1st turn towards Palomar to make the transition in the econo wave easy for all. Sean Franke reported 2knts at 8,000ft. After a 45min or so delay we opened the gate and sent everyone on their way. However Sean was the only one to connect with the econo wave.

This leads to getting to the Julian VOR the "death dive" way. Actually the whole time is not sheer and sudden death, but the 2000fpm+ down feels like it. The daily video at www.vimeo.com/bo has it played on SeeYou for day 2. Most left Palomar much lower than we had planned when making the task. Then ridge soared Volcan Mountain, only to plunge over the backside into the wave, hence the "death dive". It is all in good fun....the second time...slighlty more intimidating the first time around.

Once at Julian we saw climbs of 1000fpm, however the upper winds were decreasing and most did not get much above 12000ft. Some had better runs than others south bound. Most climbed up again at the VOR then headed north. 5S and P7 both had good runs back across from Warner Springs and made past San Jacinto, P7 over 17,000ft. 5S had a handicapped speed of  60mph, with P7 at 56mph. Then there was another 4mph slow down to third place at 52mph by Dan Ladd. Sean Franke did 45mph, Steve Koerner at 43mph. 

Micheal Reid had a re-light and asked for advice since he could not make the Palomar wave work, I told him to just dive over the back side of Volcan, which he did about an hour after everyone else and had 42mph. Noel Wade actually had a higher speed, but failed to get a valid start, so after a few points he was the last of the finishers. Bill Richardson got stuck comming back into the valley after the last turn and ended up at Borrego airport. That puts me today as scorer, CD, Line boy, instructor (I had a student while everyone was flying), bar tender, and towpilot

The start was defiantly harder than expected as Steve Mawhinney and Dave Morss were unable to make it into the second turn area.We will see what tomorrow brings.

Posted: 4/29/2009


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