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Region 5 North - Day 5 evening Report

Well, the party's really just being. OK, ya wanta know who won. I know Ray Lovingood is clicking  this website and biting the bit big time. I am not gpoing to tell you. What I will tell you is...................

Go to Day 4. Sports, Standard, 15 Meter all remanded in  the same order for the top 3.

The shake up happened in 18 Meter, Tyler dropped to 4th, which still is a great contest, considering all what Allison does for us. Thanks Allison, much Kadoos from all.

3rd in 18 for the Day is Jay Walker.

2nd is DJ.

Jerry Szemplinski, XG, smoked the field and pulls a hat trick and wins the 18 Meter.

I am really busy now, so check my blog in a few days for a last update.

# 711 reporting.

Posted: 4/25/2009


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