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Region 5 North - Day 5 morning report

Today, last day, Rhonda Tyler, just recieved a rose. Great contest Rhonda, a big thank you from

everyone. Linda Murray is now giving us a update on our award of the World Championship in Uvalde in 2012. 3 FAI classes Open, 18 Meter and 15 Meter. Linda went over and met with the IGC all by herself and really has put an effort in bring us the World Soaring Championships again.

Linda recommends, if your ever in the area where the IGC holds its meeting, you to go. Its quite a site to behold. Now, Leo Buckley will be the scorer, Ken Sorenson with be CD. John Good is task advisor. Dave Coggin is operations. Dan Gudgel is weatherman.

Allison Tyler is now giving us a update on the SSA. If you can, the Eagle fund needs you.

Seems John Murray could be spending his summer in Perry. His motor home is buried to the axel in the sand and at the very end of the grid. Its something like a "he said she said story"...........

Daily winners are giving their daily talk. I listed them on the evening report for yesterday. They are talking very fs=ast and my typing isn't keeping up. So sorry..........but everyone is agreeing it was a great day. High altitudes were over 8500 msl. Some reported it was their fast speed they have had at a contest. Good day for everyone.

Hank Nixon is giving the daily safety talk. Thermaling, what needs to be remembered, is a difference of wing loading and the ships in the thermal. Gentle entry's and exits are what should be practiced. Watching other gliders while climbing is prefered then watching the vario. Turning inside others trying to out climb someone before the start really doesn't help your points for the day.

SZ is speaking on the weather. Yesterday did turn out about what he thought it would. Today should be about like yesterday, 8,000 msl and 7 plus kts. This brought "wow's" from the folks.

The EAA has stepped forward this contest as in the past and done breadfast and lunch for us.

DJ, Doug Jacobs, is sitting along side me. I asked if he had anything to ad. With a great smile his comment was...."What's wrong with this boy, he keeps busting the finish gate" and keeps getting penality's...so far Doug has lost 45 points on the finish.

The last day shoot out has now started. The morning meeting is over. We launch the sniffer @ 12:15 pm.

#711 reporting.

Posted: 4/25/2009


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