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Region 5 North - Day 4 Report evening

Well, the skies lived up to what our weatherman, SZ, said they would. Sam didn't take lightly to the fact that mother nature messed with him yesterday, and what he said would happen today, yep, did. West Texas skies reappeared this afternnoon over the Perry soaring area.

Yahoo and applauds by everyone who flew. No landouts. The day started slow and then KA Boom, cue's started poping just before 2 pm. By late afternoon bases were now over 8 thousand feet with strong lift.


All classes were MAT's.

The 18 Meter task was shortened and a roll call was taken. JW, Jay Walker smoked the day with 277 miles @ 77 mph . He's now in first place overall for 18 Meter, Allison Tyler came in second for the day and is now 2nd overall. DJ, Doug Jacobs, is 3rd overall. The first 4 places are all within a few points of each other. Tomorrow will be a shootout, Perry style.

!5 Meter day winner was Mike Smith who flew 234 miles @75.99 mph. FS, Fernando Silva is first overall. Skip Pate, P8, is second and UH, Hank Nixon is 3rd overall.

Sports Class winner Tim McGowin flew 170 miles @62.38 mph. 5U is first overall, H6 is second and 2EZ is third overall.

KM, Ken Sorenson, won the day in Standard Class with 247 miles @73.94 mph. KM is first overall, 7K is second, #44, Andy Gough is  third overall.

Now folks, everyone is walking around and claiming a "Perry Day" like we always get. High bases, fast speeds in all classes and just a good, old southern fun day by all.

Sean Murphy, XC, sat down along side me and wants everyone to know he says "hello to all' and is really having the best time. The bell has been rung, dinner is served. BBQ pork, slaw and all the fixin's and a 3 tap beer truck is here.

Charlie Spratt always said when the crowd hum was high, then that showed a good day by all. Today's hum is very high. Godspeed to Charlie Spratt is wished by all.

#711 reporting.

Posted: 4/24/2009


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