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Region 5 North - Day 4 Morning Report

Rhonda Tyler, CM, has opened the daily meeting. Last night we had a steak dinner at a local B&B. It was really good and all enjoyed. No landouts yesterday. That was great news. Tonight, we have the first 'Charlie Spratt model airplane flyoff."

Yesterday turned out better than forcast. Several comments were, all good, except our weatherman got it half right....weak lift and 3 thousand feet turned into something simple, just double it and thats what we got, 6,000 plus agl and hard bottom cues with 6 plus knot lift.

Henry Retting won the Barringer award for his straight out flight last year, 2008. Its the first time Region 5 has had a flight within the its area since 1974. Good job, "R". Henry recommends check the distance and other awards the SSA has to see if you qualify for any of them after a great flight.

CD, Ray Galloway, is now explaining that he can not grid until 1 hour has pasted after the close of the morning meeting. Ray told everyone to keep their daily win stories short. #44, Standard Class winner for the day. Took about 5 seconds. P8, Skip Pate, won the day in 15 Meter and told DL "thanks again" for leaving him at the "piggly wiggly." DJ won the day in 18 Meter and thanked everyone for the funds raised for the US Team. 5U, days winner in Sports Class, just thanked a whole list of folks.

Well, the safety talk is on early releases and being prepaired for them.

SZ explaination for the weather yesterday was it was forcast for a high of 82 but got to 91.  Mother nature at least fooled us in the right direction. Today, should be good with a slight chance of thunderstorms this afternoon with tops of 35-40 thoiusand feet. This is mainly along the coast and due to the sea breeze front.

Task's for today.....18 Meter MAT of 3 TP's 204 miles 3:30 time.

Sports MAT 4 TP's  107 miles 2:30 time.

STD/15Meter MAT 4 TP's 130 miles 3:00 time.

Charlie Spratt's soaring family services will be held in Cordele, GA on the Saturday just before the start of the 15 Meter Nationals. Go to the SSA website and please sign up if you plan on attending.  KS has said they need a good head count for the services and ask's everyone to please sign up.

#711 reporting.

Posted: 4/24/2009


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