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Region 5 North - Day 3 Report

Its 10:15 am and the morning pilots meeting will be starting shortly. Last night I spoke with several folks on how their day went. This morning I spoke with several others. What I found was with this group, I got basicly the same responces. ""Well"", ""gee"", ""let me think"","" Where did we go?"", ""hmmmmm"", ""need more time"", ""gosh'', ""haven't thought much about that'''.

Morning meeting has started, DJ, Doug Jacobs, is thanking everyone for the funds raised for the US Junior Team members of $503 dollars. Seems like someone put in some fun bucks from another country. DJ, has offered a exchange rate if they will step forward. We are waiting now.....nope, no one came forward.

Uh, Hank Nixon , is telling everyone that tomorrow evening will be the first "Charlie Spratt annual paper airplane fun fly contest.

7K, Mark Keen is now giving his morning talk on winning the Standard Class day yesterday @ 57.16 mph. He went almost to the back of the first turn, on the way to the second turn he made some major off course runs into the wind to help him out. His run home was uneventful.

Chris Ruff, won the Sports Class yesterday @ 48.70 mph. He was bring along 6 others with him to the first turn. but was concerned about the area they were in were blue. He hit several boomers of 9 plus kts. A short time later he hit a climb of only 3.6 kts. 15 kts up on one side and 11 knots down on the other side.

Mike Poe, wins the 15 Meter Class yesterday @ 58.26 mph. This is his first day he has won and got a great round of chears. He had a blast and decribe his day as being the guy fromthe movie "Caddy Shack". Good job Mike. Congrats.

Allison Tyler, wins the 18 Meter Class yesterday @ 63.09 mph. He started with DJ and basicly had a good run to the first turn. On the second turn he went to the right side and ended thermaling over the Nucelar plant for a short time. Next was the Bamburg turn. Seems like he hit a boomer which took him to 8,400 msl and this really got him out of the area where many of the 18 meter crowd got slowed down at. Great day Allison. Good win.

John Murry of Eastern Sail[planes is giving the morning safety talk. Glider trailer TIRE'S are his concern. He says he gets more calls for blown tires with folks now parked along side the road needing not only a tire but now a RIM. Check those tires and look at the side walls for cracking. Also, chains should be checked and the front bolts that hold the tongue to the bottom of the trailer need to be check as some have been failing. So, he recommends changing them every 2 years. The new square tongue seems to be the one to check. On hydraulic trailer jacks for your fuesalage cradle, those with leaks try Barrs spot leak for hydraulic fuilds.

4 landouts yesterday. All safe and now are back, report by Pat Buckley. Let me thank Pat and her husband Leo, who's our scorer. They have given so freely of their time for so many contests, its best said now, that we all thank them, and not only them but all of the contest workers for their time they give. When someone gives you their time, they are giving you apart of their life, and nothing is more important than that. Thanks everyone for that.

SZ, Sam, who came in second yesterday, who has a lovely crew who's smart, understanding and needs higher limits on her charge card and which all of us "love", now is giving us the weather. Not a good outlook and it appears weak. Will end early also. So, our CD, has just called a "NO WATER DAY" for all classes. Also, if launch doesn't start by 2 pm the day is canceled. He's getting some laughs right now as the times he 's announcing are just now flowing to what he wants. But everyone understands.....its a day to be watched....carefully.

Leo Buckley, is going over the daliy scores and several folks need to talk with him. K2 and TO on engine runs and he believes he has all the scores for yesterday corrected and first day scores are now offical.

Meetings over.....my typing skills have been tested and what I really need is spell check...............

711 reporting.


Posted: 4/23/2009


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