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Region 5 North - Day 2 evening report

Well, day 2, is now complete. The internet, yep, was down last night and this morning. Seems someone pushed the button which should not be pushed. So, its 7:11 pm and dinner is getting ready to be served. Rhonda Tyler, besides being the contest manager, baked tonights dinner of lasagna and deserts are baked cakes. She went to great lenghts for all of us. Many thanks, Rhonda.

Yesterday, yes we flew and scores are up on the SSA website. Today, the morning meeting went fairly quickly. The line operation and tows all are running normal. We only had several relights today. Not like yesterday, where me, #711, took 3 tows and then got an aero tow retrieve from the first turnpoint, which was an airport. Of course I received a real nice shirt for this feat. But it is the most expensive shirt I have ever gotten.

The first day's winner in 18 Meter, Jerry Szemplinski flew the 2 hour task without turning, yes no turns while out on course.  Just flew cloud streets. Jerry is on the Canadian World Team.

Day 2 weather was still strong winds but lift was marked by small cue at 6,000 agl. Strong thermals gave most a good lift up to bases. But, if you got low, broken and sheared thermals were all you had and it took some time to get back into the lift band.

DAY 2 early results.

Standard Class Day 2 winner Mark Keen. Overall Ken Sorenson

Sports Class Day 2 winner Chris Ruff. Overall Sam Giltner

15 Meter Class Day 2 winner Michael Poe. Overall Fernando Silva

18 Meter Class Day 2 winner Allison Tyler. Overall Jerry Szemplinski

Baud Litt, LBL, was host for our custom beer brew tonight. But Baud is north of Saluda, having landed in a field. Everythings fine and his crew is heading their for him now.

Well, music is playing, folks are having a great time, dinner prayer is being said by our CD Ray Galloway and time for food.

#711 reporting.

Posted: 4/22/2009


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