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Region 5 North - Day 2 Morning Report

Morning pilots meeting are being held at 10:30 am. Alot of folks have grided early before the meeting and right now we are waiting on our daily safety talk. TA, Frank Paynter will be giving the daily talk on parachutes.

Our CD, Ray Galloway, handed out a "dump task" yesterday, for us to carry in our cockpits. Seems the "dump task" decided to use the wrong turnpoint numbers as Ray as claimed and now we have a revised "dump task". This task will be used in case all the other daily task calls look not good by the advisors when they are up and looking at conditions before the task opens.

Frank is now explaining how important it is not to pull the handle on the "rip cord" while on the ground. Folks, he came close to opening his chute. Whew. Frank has made 6 reserve chute pulls and highly recommends looking at the handle and pulling it with both hands (if you ever bailout). Frank has been a sky diving instructor and is now explaining after you get the rip cord pulled, just enjoy the ride down, as within a short time you will be on the ground. If you can remember, try to flex your legs before you arrive back on the planet. He has found that when the chute opens you become relaxed and glad about the chute just working that you tend to forget everything recommended.

SZ, Sam Zimmerman, is now giving the days soaring weather. Looks like we should fly and if we get any rain, it should be very remote. The system that is heading our way tends to be on a drying trend. Our outlook for the rest of week looks very good with soaring conditions improving everyday.

Today, winds are still strong with them being in the 20-25 kt range, all day, out of the west. Thermals with cues, bases 5-6 thousand. Lift 4-6 kts along with a possible spreading out of cue by late afternoon. The nam and ruc are again showing a disagreement, the nam shows no lift at 5 pm because of the approaching weather.

The task will be handed out on the grid, as SZ wants to update his weather before they decide on our task. The plan is to to get us home by 5 pm.

#711 reporting

Posted: 4/21/2009


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