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Region 5 North - Day 1 Report

After the mandatory pilots meeting was over, Our CD, Ray Galloway, along with Pat Buckley, who runs the retrieve desk, anounced that even though we didn't fly yesterday, we did have a land out at the Piggly Wiggly in Wagener.

One airline pilot rode with another airline pilot for a sandwich at Subway for lunch. Management perks (P8) were discussed along with give backs line pilots (DL) had given. After lunch, they headed over to the local Piggly Wiggly. The short version is the pilot driving (DL) who fly's for Delta (line pilot) and is use to on time departures (as he explained), left the still shopping US Airways pilot (P8) (Management) who was still roaming for items at the Piggly Wiggly.

Several different stories had been heard last night over dinner and today they both explained what "They" though had happened. What did happen was the US Aiways pilot called the retrieve office for a crew to finally come get him as his ice cream was melting. As he didn't have a landing card and didn't turn one in, its now under review for a penalty. UH and KM, rules committee members, are currently reviewing this. What should be remembered is their's only one tail out of a Piggly Wiggly.

SZ is now giving us the weather. What we do have are high winds in the boundary layer and the RUC is saying one story and the NAM model is saying another story. So, we shall grid and wait and see how the day goes.

Well, at the 11:30 am pilots meeting SZ gave the winds and at 2,000 agl measured they were 32 kts and forcast to get stronger. CD Galloway, with all advisors agreeing, cancelled the day.

Its 2:30 pm right now. Several did take tows, DJ, KM and A1. Baud Litt is flying A1 which is an LS 10/18M. Baud has radiod in that conditions are good. BUT wind is over 25 kts at altitude. R went up and just landed. He reported 6,000 plus agl cloud bases with lift over 6 kts. BUT he had a low point 28 miles west of Perry at 1,000 agl. He dumped all his water and had a field picked out. But something came along and he managed to climb back out and then headed home.

Right now, right behind me, the ladies of Perry are oiling and herbing chickens for the "chicken on the beer" BBQ tonight. Some of the talk I am hearing is better said for my blog than here on the SSA website. Over 100 chickens are being ready for tonights feast.

Well, as I look out at the skies right now, it appears bases have risen to over 7,000 agl yet the wind is at almost a 90 degree angle to our runway. Its still above 25 kts at 3,000 msl so we hope for tomorrow the weather gods will let us fly.

Thermal tight, Soar high, Fly safe, # 711 reporting.


Posted: 4/20/2009


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