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Seniors Championship - March 12 Report #2

2009 Senior Contest – Seminole Lake Gliderport, Clermont FloridaReport for March 12 - evening

Today looked like the best day of the contest thus far, and possibly the best any Senior Contest.  It proved to be almost – but not quite – that good.  The best lift was 8 to 9 knots, and all pilots reached 6000’ late in the day.  The southeast winds organized some excellent cloud streets, which produced some long circle-free runs.

 But few pilots were able to make the lift work as they felt it should as long as they hoped – even the fastest reported some problems.  We had our first relaunch and first landout of the contest (fortunately just one of each).  The best raw speeds reached the figure I predicted (70 mph) but not with much to spare.

 Todays’s winner was newcomer Bill Hill, who hails from Albuquerque (where conditions like today’s are routine).  He flogged his Discus 2 around a task of 200 miles at 70.3 mph.  Second was wily veteran Walt Cawby (one of two pilots who has attended every Senior Contest) with 68.1 mph over 189 miles.

 John Good

Posted: 3/12/2009


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