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Seniors Championship - March 11 Report

2009 Senior Contest – Seminole Lake Gliderport, Clermont FloridaReport for March 11

Today was the rest day, or “crew day,” as it’s called at this contest.  We have an unusually large number of actual crew people at this race; it makes it a very enjoyable experience for the people on the ground.

Several competitors, volunteers, and crews took advantage of the excellent weather today and went flying.  The CD and the Scorer both had flights in the JS-1.  We were planning to skip dinner and drive to Titusville to watch the shuttle launch, scheduled for 9:20 pm, but it was postponed (luckily, before we hit the road).

 Because we didn’t have a national convention this year, SSA Directors John Dezzutti and David Pixton took the opportunity to present some of our annual awards.  Henry Retting received the Barringer Trophy for the longest flight of 2008 (over 800 km, taking off here in Florida and going north into Georgia).  Steve Arndt received the Henry Combs trophy in the Eastern division for his amazing 500 km flight in his ultralight Magic Dragon.  And Andy McQuigg was recognized for his many years of contributions to our sport with an Exceptional Achievement Award.

 It was a good year for USA at the annual meeting of the International Gliding Commission, which took place just before this contest.  In addition to being awarded the 2012 World Championships, we were proud to learn that Doris Grove received the Pelagia Majewska Medal, given to “a woman for an outstanding gliding achievement or eminent services to the sport over a long period of time.”  Doris qualifies on both counts, having flown the first 1000 km flight by a woman, and serving as a lecturer, author, flight instructor, and mentor to women pilots.  Doris received a standing ovation at the pilot’s meeting.

Rick Sheppe

Posted: 3/11/2009


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